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Default RE: Thanks!

First off - Sorry for the delay on replying but I?ve been having some troubles communicating to the site from work.

James ? Thanks for the reply

I?m worried that you?re right. Unfortunately, the Equipe was a loaner from a Friend who wasn?t using it (still isn?t but its now locked up in his parent?s garage) so its no longer an option and now I just have the X-186 and the shredder.

One thing that you mentioned is getting into a 9 or 10 meter sail. Do you find that these sizes are much heavier or more difficult to uphaul than a 7.0? my 7.0 is a NP V8 and is the biggest sail I?ve used so the bigger sizes seem daunting? Finally ? there is a club in Toronto and I think I?m going to take your advise and join up at the club.

Del ? Thanks for the warm welcome back to Wideboard windsurfing!

I?m glad to see the X-186 can be fun with a smaller sail (5.0) in higher winds From what I was seeing in the previous posts, it seemed like this board couldn?t be sailed on anything smaller than an 7.5?

WindriderVA74 ? nice handle!

Thanks for the Leech twist tip ? I?ll try that. I agree that if I can?t sail it reasonably competently, I?ll probably be better off selling it and getting into a tuffskin GO or Rio. For now, I?m crossing my fingers that I can do something with what I have.

I?ve been ridiculously busy of late but this weekend is promising some wind so I?m going to get out tomorrow and give it a whirl, finally. Since I did learn to waterstart in deep water (in a stiff breeze mind you), I think that I still have a prayer of making this work. To echo what I said to James, I?m hoping that he?s wrong and that you?re right. If I do glimpse the fun you?ve been having on yours, I?ll definitely consider getting a big sail (10.0)+rig for the lower wind days.

Thanks again - I?ll post again to let you know what happens.


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