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Default RE: Tiesda - Severne Glide Sail?...

What Tiesda didn't mention were all the Severne distributors who (right now, in Thailand, in perfect marginal slalom conditions) have just ahd the opportunity to test the Glide 7.5m head to head against many other options (C2, Overdrive and more) in larger sizes..

Reaction was clearly as per the Surf Mag test, no one dissapointed and everyone agreeing the potential for this is very positive. The Glide has a very "light" feel (as well as actual weight) - but most of all is very and easily pumpable, in an easy and not physically extreme manner.

My own experiences testing the Glide include some classic sessions on the Serenity; Glide is in many ways the ideal Serenity rig and allows a very complimentary wind range - one major feature being easy and light to pump effectively with the Serenity to generate an easy glide (no pun intended) in virtually no knots. In Naklua I've been sailing Dawn Patrol in 0 thru (up to) 12-15 kts in this combo, and it's been very enjoyable indeed. Slalom side, Glide with iS122 and 133 it's also very good, tested with Per (63kg) and Svein (73kg) on 133's/OverDrive 8.5m's, with iS122 / Glide 7.5m I was able to pump and plane as early in the wind range.
Mid range speed was OK , final top end was a bit down in that tuning (especially pinching upwind) but light wind range was sensational.

The Glide was presented as a product to the worldwide distributors meeting this week, there is still some final pre-production detailing to do - but expected factory release schedule for customer sails will be around Jan 2008 (subject to production schedules etc).

Stay tuned..

Cheers ~ Ian
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