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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ned 321,

The iS50 will be competitve in pure speed from aproximately 20 kts + for your weight. The threshold (crossover) is obviously influenced by water conditions and wind "quality" (how solid) at that speed, plus of course the rider's skill/tuning etc.

As an estimate, these factors could influence the threshold +/- 2kts, I would be very suprised if you were not faster (in pure speed) on the iS50 by 22 (true) kts windspeed. Flat water will allow higher top end speeds, so at these higher speeds the effective apparent wind speed in the speed run will be higher, and thus the isS50's efffective threshold can be (a little) lower ambient wind in super flat conditions. Make sense?

iS50 will be at the ESM for test/trial etc courtesy of Martijn from Fox Sports, so hopefully you get a chance to check it our first hand..

Cheers ~ Ian
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