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Default NS X_type Vs. Natural

..Vs. Daytona Vs. R_type Vs. Warp!

What a huge number of contendents!
I was thinking about changing my middle size sail (today a 6.0 2000 Naish Edge) for one of the sails above..
Well realistically for an X_type or a Natural..
6.2 or 6.6 are the sizes, I've heard the new sails need to be a little bit bigger than old ones to have the same "power" but maybe I'm wrong..

I got a 2006 R_type 7.8 and it does her job in marginal condition but for the middle range I wish something more confortable to sails (read: camless).

Is the X_type the way to go? How is it in top end speed compared to 2 (R_type) 3 (Daytona) or more (Warp) cambered sails?
And compared to Natural?
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