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Default RE: Formula Sails- Nitro 2 or Tushingham Spitfire

I own a Nitro 2 10.9 and Tushingham Spitfire 10.0. Both are fairly straightforward to rig but are 'old-fashioned' in that the mast is sleeved 'through' the 4 camber inducers (not snapped on after downhauling). The cams nearly always stay on during rigging (you have to be very clumsy to have a problem). As is the case with all large sails a lot of downhaul is needed. Both have triple pulleys in the tack. I manage without a downhaul winch, but they are a good idea. I have problems getting the inducers to rotate on both these sails after tacking/gybing - any advice out there?!!?
Steve GBR135
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