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Default RE: NS X_type Vs. Natural

Thanks for the replies again.
I know the NS sails chart but my question was a bit different.
Ok it gaves me the comparison from R_type, X_type and Daytona in "stars" but I mean.. what means one star?!
It something about feeling!
And there's no comparison between Natural and X_type for example..

I'm thinking on 6.6 for the sail size now even if I saw a 6.2 Natural for good price.. I haven't chosen the model yet..

In Genova there could be good conditionf for windsurfing: you can sail with North wind which is usually quite strong or with SE or E. In this last case there're also nice waves..
Good places to sail are Vada, Voltri, Varazze or somewhere in western Riviera.
Much boards about 100 liters and sails from 4.7 to 5.8 in waves condition and a lot of things in N condition!
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