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Default Stop Formula XXL Sails!

What a title huh? B)

Well I've been reading the Svein Rasmussen article on Uk Windsurf magazine and I've been wandering about his opinion on formula windsurfing "over 11 meters" sails.

No normal human being would even like to pull it out of the water he sais.

That's true! And I've read several times about team testers and sailors exausted for having sailed too long in FW equipement.

Are these way too big sails really necessary? Why for instance work in light and powerfull gears like i.e. Severne Glide?
It seams they've done a good work with that sail.

FW is not only a racing machine: many peolpe uses it to sail in marginal conditions (and the Apollo project is working even better in this way..). Many people buy formula for this intent..
So, as soon as the sails size is moved back to "normal being" size, they could be more and more people who can say: "Hey, why not even try a regatta?"
It'd be nice..

What do you think about that? (Directed to team starboard and normal recreational windsurfer )
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