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I read the race sails test on Planche Mag. They did not test the NP RS due to late availability. Tested all 7.0s, except 6.8 North Warp and a pre-production 6.6 Maui Sails TR-3.
Simmer and TheLoft didn't get high praise other than for ease of use. Gaastra considered lighetr feeling than others. The Warp was the most powerful of the lot and was praised for its performance range, but needs very high downhaul tension. The TR-3 was considered the best all around, praised for its great speed, easy handling coupled with good power and lightness (but was a not much reinforced proto) and won the "coup de coeur" mention.
In the end, they still have to test the NP and they should hopefully test a production 7.0 Maui Sails. My guess is that the NP will replicate the Warp performance and the production MS TR-3 will kill anything else.
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