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Default RE: Stop Formula XXL Sails!

I really don't see the problem. It's not like you're forced to use a big sail if you don't want to. Besides, some lighter sailors have proved very competitive without the largest sails. Jesper V (arguably the best FW sailor right now) seldom used more than 10.7 even in light winds last year, and did pretty well...

However, I regularly sail with a Vapor 12 in light winds and do not find it a hassle at all. True, I might be able to plane as early with a very soft/grunty 10.5 or so (if there was such a sail?) but I doubt it'd have the range of my 12. The 12 gets me going in like 9 knots (I'm no master pumper) but in the other end I'm still relatively comfortable untill the wind gets above 18ish knots. At that point I've felt overpowered on smaller softer freerace sails with less stiff foils.

Also, planing is one thing, getting upwind is something else. I get going at close to the same point with my 11 (that feels easier to pump) but once going the 12 goes way higher in low winds.

As for uphauling I have no idea why not everyone uses an Easy-Uphaul or similar. Heck, it's not like you have to buy the original (I don't) but a little piece of downhaul line tied onto your regular uphaul does the job. No hassle and it saves a load of energy. I'm 95 kg and can easily uphaul my 12 by hand, but I don't see why I should. I'd way rather spend my energy actually sailing.
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