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Default RE: Race mast reforcement????

Hi Gigo,
You could get some good epoxy resin, and some lite 6-8 Oz. fiberglass cloth and "fill in" the areas where the mast has been
abraded by your cams. That would work, but I wouldn't want to
trust that mast in a modern race sail.
I don't think the R4800 is a 100% mast, so maybe it will be OK for
recreational sailing after you fill the damaged areas and prehaps
put one layer of glass around the full diameter of the mast (but do not "overlap" the glass, just bring it around so it almost overlaps.
That's going to make the mast a little stiffer and heavier.
The bigger question is why the cams are abrading the mast to this degree.
Most modern sails have roller cams that might scratch your mast a little but certainly will not abrade it.
I think once you fix the mast it would be good to examine the cams to see if there is sand imbedded in them.
Take some abrasive cloth and smooth out any roughtness, remove and sand or other abrasives, and then coat your mast (for sure in the cam areas, but not in the boom clamiping area) with McLube Sailkote.
Do you rig your sail on the beach, in the sand?
Perhaps be more careful to not get any sand in the luff sleeve when you are rigging, and keep your sail out of the "shallows" where there a lot of waterbourne sand that can get into the luff sleeve and under your cams.
Get a rigging carpet/blanket or tarp to rig on.
The cam wear on the mast problem is one I haven't seen in over 10 years.
Hope this helps,
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