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The reports about the TR-3 were enthusiastic. Expecially about speed and control. Plus, in the PM test the only other sail quite up to the level of the TR-3 is the Warp, and this takes into account that "big number of competitions" already (apart from NP that was not tested). More than this, in my personal opinion at least, extra powerful sails like the Warp or (probably) the RS:7 are best suited for very strong and fit athletes, BD or AA or Micah Buzianis or the like, rather than common sailors. So in the end my guess is that in the hands of normal people the TR-3 will perform extremely well against anything else.
And, well, yes, I must admit... that is just the guess of an average guy who doesn't do much sail testing, but bought two new TR-3s, tested one (7.0) and is absolutely enthusiastic about how well his new sail performs.
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