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Default RE: Stop Formula XXL Sails!

Well the formula is a racing machine but I also see formulas used by recreational sailors. Maybe not the last model but they've been used even in this situations.
It's not a matter of skill or training: team riders are of course skilled and trained but they also suffer of sore backs and so on, so there must be a "problem" somewhere..

Thanks Remi for your post.
Now we have the technology in order to make a sail fast. It's no more question about "how square meters" the sail is but it's a matter of profile, cut, "deepness" and so on..
I'm glad to see the market is moving this way.

If one thing is accessible to more people, than more people would even start competing, maybe only in little events..
Why not making then Formula accessible for more "normal human being"?
And don't forget the women!

Would a "non bigger than X square meter sail" rule help? I don't know for sure, maybe it would..

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