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The thing that I find so questionable about published test scenarios is the limited and select nature of the whole thing. Although I don't really feel that the test folks are being dishonest in their testing efforts, it's quite apparent to me that there are background business issues that affect what's going on. In my opinion, testing is really an extension of marketing interests of a limited pool of contenders.

What is the best stuff out there? I guess if you invite a select group of players, you will ultimately end up with specialized result that offers some conclusions. But what does it say about the actual market out there? The unlying assumption in the testing is that the best stuff was tested. The fact that many other very capable brands were left out of the mix doesn't even get mentioned. In reality, the reader is given a very limited horizon line to make judgements and decisions. It's like having a beauty pageant that involves a small handful of participants, and in the end, deciding and advertising the most beautiful woman in the world.

Even though things are unlikely to change in the future, I often hope for more honesty about the reasons for selecting a restricted pool for testing. Wouldn't it be interesting if some lesser known companies got some airtime too? The best ideas don't always come from the biggest players in the market.

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