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Ian Fox
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Default RE: isonic 111 trimming-Remi, Jesper, Ian

Hi Willy,

Please excuse the delay/s- April was a bad and busy month for us..

Strap positions : Full back for flatter water, lighter wind speed; otherwise with open water choppier conditions, the middle position on FRONT and REAR straps allows a more balanced, calming stance over the iS which allows the rider to push-on when otherwise might be backing off..

Mast track; well, we generally just consider the "active area";

Typically :

9.0m : 50-70% FWD
7.7m : 50%
6.6m : 50% (maybe back a bit [30-40%] on flat water speed)

SL2 Fins

Typically (80-90kg):

9.0 Lightwind 42-44cm
9.0 Midwind 40cm
9.0 Overpowered 38cm

7.7 Lightwind 38-40cm
7.7 Midwind 36cm
7.7 Overpowered 34cm

6.6 Lightwind 36-38cm
6.6 Midwind 34cm
6.6 Overpowered 32cm

(No big suprises there, and relatively easy to build a nice 3 fin iS111 quiver to cover all ranges)

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Cheers ~ Ian
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