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Default RE: Stop Formula XXL Sails!

I read the article. Svein is spot on. The idea is (of course) not to prevent manufacturers from making 12m sails for guys who are 100 kgs, have the backs and shoulders to take this type of pressure on their bodies, or the lack of foresight to anticipate serious problems once they are over 40 (or are not planning to live to that age). The idea is to have a maximum sail size for RACING in the Formula class, to oblige sails designers to focus on making 10 m sails (or whatever size) that will be just as efficient as 12 m sails are today. Then Mark h, and all of us, can have our cake and eat it too! It is by limiting the number of tyres a racer can use, or prohibiting slick tyres in Formula 1, that we consumers get better tyres. Turbos were truly developed (the technology had existed for decades) when engine capacities were restricted for certain types of racing. By limiting the maximum size to 10m in racing, the sails designers woud only need to spend time designing a couple of sails sizes for Formula racing, which would result in outstanding sails, more manageable for everyone. Some brands would not offer to consumers anything bigger, and others would, just like today some brands have slalom racing sails down to 4.2 m, while others stop at 5.0.
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