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Thanks a lot everybody.
I am looking at replacing my Mistral Malibu for low wind sailing. I have a Mistral Flow for higher winds over 15 knots.
I am definitely going to try the Serenity it is just so beautiful looking in the Videos.
The problem is that nobody is saying anything about what happens on the Serenity in winds 10-15 knots and how much fun relatively speaking does one get than? Is it still "serene"?

By the way I do not care about the actual speed I move in as long as it feels fast. I do not have a need to compete or measure the speed and could not care less. I do dislike shlogging.

Do you know at what wind speed would the Kona plane with a large sail?

I buy a new board very rarely and want to make a good choice that I will be happy with for a few years (like 15 years)
Thanks again
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