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Default RE: Stop Formula XXL Sails!

I'm glad to see the topic has such many comments, all very precise and complete.

I'm agree with Thierry and geo: the development in racing (or extreme) conditions many times helped normal people to have better and better equipement, not only in windsurfing...

Now anyone can glide in much less wind than in the past thanks to wider boards, we can use cambered sails and go fast minimizing the rotating problems, many sails now have an incredible wind range.

The Severne Glide/Neil Pryde Helium are "sperimentation" or a bit more, that I think can be usefull both for rancing class and recreational sailors who want an easy ride with minimum drawbacks.

The question is not "a forced decision" steve, becouse there're always forced decisiona (even 12.5 limit is a decision, or 1 meter width..) but push the developers to make something for racing that can still be usefull for anyone. I mean that's the final purpose of racing in the end.. (or that's the ideological/marketing "excuse" B) )
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