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Default Different technique required for isonic 101 for speed compared to traditional shapes?

Hi all,

I have the iSonic 101 and 87 - for speedsurfing.

I have a problem in getting the 101 up to my "normal" speeds.
Performance on upwind and beam reach is good. But somehow I cannot find 6th gear on this board when going for a downwind speedrun.
MaxGPS so far only 62.x km/h, which is very disappointing.

Sails: Gun XS 6.2 and 7.4. Fins: Lessacher B+F 35 and 38. Mastfoot: 132-133.

Now all tests and sailing reports state that the larger iSonics (101 and up) run very flat with the nose very low. Sailing characteristic is different from more traditional shapes (such as the 87).

Does this different sailing characteristic (flat, low nose) require a change of technique?
Upwind and beam reach speed is not problem. But where it counts - downwind speedruns - I have lost speed compared to my "peer group".
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