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Default RE: Different technique required for isonic 101 for speed compared to traditional shapes?

I am not so much into speed, more slalom racing but I found that this board is very different to former Sonic100/95.

I used the board only 3 times now (in very flat water) and I think that the key to good speed is to put very much downhaul in your sail. Then, the board will just fly on the fin with very light and slippery feeling. Everything will feel balanced. With not enough downhaul, board will be stuck to the water and you will have too much back foot pressure. My ex Sonic100 was much more tolerant to different sail trim but, on the other hand, is101 goes MUCH better thru lulls. It goes so good thru lulls that I also noticed I do not use adjustable outhaul so much any more.

By the way, my trim with 7.0 is everything in the middle with 36cm fin (deboichet sl2).
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