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Default transition board advice

I need some help/advice on a new board. I have been sailing a little over a year now. I learned, unfortunately, on a huge Mistral Prodigy. I use the harness, can get on plane and in the footstraps on it but it's too big for me to turn or do much else with. It's a 255 ltr board and so going to a smaller board is going to be a challenge I'm sure.

I sail mostly on a deep lake with either very light winds or gusty moderate winds. We also sail in Tarpon Springs quite often where the wind is a little higher. People have suggested the Mistral Explosion or JP X-Cite. I also saw a review in the latest Windsurfing Mag on the Tiga Free Ride 150? Someone else mentioned the Diva boards. I am confused. I am guessing I need a board between 145-160 ltrs. My weight is 145 and I'm 5'5". I do still uphaul a lot and I'm worried about a board being tippy especially after being able to stomp around on my prodigy. I have sailed my husband's AHD Diamond 85 ok (140 ltr) but I can't get in the footstraps at all and tacking is an issue.

I really want a board I can progress on, that will plane early and that I can start learning to gybe. I also need good upwind ability at the lake.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.
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