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Default RE: Fin for older Carve 135?

I was called a liar a few times on here for claiming it but I got my Carve 131 upto 37 mph (Vmax 2 second) and on quite a few occasions. It was with a 32cm fin (Believe it or not a home converted Northshore 32 (Originally powerbox) and with a Saber 6.2 sail.
Carve is one of those boards when apparently coupled with a big sailor (I was 105kg at time) does find a 6th gear so to speak.
My best speed with bigger fin/rig is 33mph with 7.5 Gaastra GTX and 42cm fin.
With right fin you will easily break 30mph.
A 44cm fin with your weight and 30mph plus is a big big fin.
(PS I`ve got even better speeds on F2 PG 130 but again with even smaller fins. (An upright 29 and Flash 5.4 got me 39mph on PG 130(over 10 secs and a 41.5 over 2 !)
I changed back to F2 to get better/cheaper choice of smaller fins.
Having said all that with your weight a smaller board will see even bigger benefits. S type 115 ? Tabou Rocket 115 ?
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