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Default RE: To Roger Choice of light wind board

Hi Alena,
I'm fine, just very busy getting ready to go "on the road" for a couple of months touring the US with "A Taste of Windsurfing and the Starboard/Sailworks Demo Tour.
I pretty much agree with the other guys here, if you really want to plane in the lightest winds, the Apollo woild be a good choice, but I'm pretty sure you would not like it as a "one board solution" beyond about 10-12 knots. It's also new and expensive.
Another board, if you could find one, that would be very good would be the 2004 Free Formula 138. It's 96 cm wide, fairly thin, and would plane very early for someone your weight.
Beyond these 2 boards, I think the F-Type 138/148 that MA-Pete is suggesting or the Isonic 133 that JM is suggesting are going to be your best choices.
If you want something more like your Mistral Malibu, with a centerboard, then the Apollo 222 (301 cm long) would be a board that gives you alot of what you have with the Malibu, but will plane earlier and give you the ability to sail around in very light winds using the centerboard.
I'm a bit surprized that you are using a 10 m2 rig.....? What brand sail and mast are you using....?
You are a fairly small woman, and I'd think even a modern 10.0 m2 would about kill you with it's weight.
I truly believe there are a few 8.5-9.5 m2 rigs that would get you planing just as early (maybe earlier due to the lighter weight) without the strain of uphauiing such a large heavy sail.
Bonaire was wonderful, but we didn't have as much wind this year as in previous years.
That was nice for me as I took an Isonic 122 and 101 with 8.5 m2 NX slm; 7.5 m2 Retro; 6.6/5.6/4.8 m2 Huckers and so I was able to plane when no one else seemed to be able to, and I had a nicley powered setup each day.
Hope this helps,
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