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Default RE: Forum like almost always down...


"I gotta say, I have almost forgotten this website. I can't see the logic in changing it so.You also should have hired a good web testing service before bringing this abortion out."
"What actually happens would be the administrators (head bottle washers in essence) start throwing their weight around and banning anyone that disagrees with them. They ignore the usual internet garbage, though. This is just another indication that Starboards isn't a very well run company dedicated to building the best boards by sticking to their knitting."

Credits go to *board, I agree, because they put up with rubbish like these "well intended" observations from Rswift, who you defend.

As for your passionate attack on "English wankers", they must've stepped on your toes, I guess (it's hypocrites not hippocrites; bigoted not bigotted btw). Besides, you've got to have some sense of humour to hang there, which you obviously don't.

What does it matter who he is? I personaly don't mind who someone is, but you should've read some of the many (many!) posts this (these?) guy wrote before. If you agree with him (them), then what can I say ?

Free speech, even for Sinbad.

PS they already want you (er... him) back, didn't you know?
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