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Default RE: To Roger Choice of light wind board

Hi Roger
Nice to hear from you . You are so lucky to have gone to Bonaire, next year I will see you there.
Are you coming to New England this year? Please do it is not bad here for about one month of good weather.
Thanks for the advice.
The reason for the 10 meter sail is my desperation to make the board plane. Plus I got it used and near new condition it is a beautiful Sailworks Retro.
Before that I had a free 10 meter sail and it was triangular with a large sleeve and tried to kill me few times so it is a definite step up with my new sail. It is all relative.
The new board choice is enough to drive one crazy and periodically I decide to just forget it. Plus the new boards are expensive. My two Mistrals cost 1000$ each and they were the top back than.Now it is more like 2000$
I am in the wrong business.
Hope to see you
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