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Default RE: iSONIC 101 TOO BIG FOR 6.2M AND 73KG??

I have had an iS105 for over a year now. As I've sailed the iS101 as well, and think they are very similar, hopefully you see my comments as useful... I weigh 65kg and am 177cm tall.

I have the most experience using my 105 with small sails. I find I've used it with my 5.6m2 more often than any other size. I have used this board with my 4.8 up to my 8.0. I have had my straps set to middle in the back and out/back for the front. With my 4.8 & 5.6, I always start with the mast all the way back. I rarely move it forward. I find the 34cm fin to be a perfect match for my 5.6.

If the 105 is powered up, the 34cm fin is a great match for my 8.0 Retro too. If I think I will need to float through lulls, I'll choose the 40cm fin instead but that's only for my 6.6 & 8.0. I have a 30cm fin for high wind conditions, but I haven't used it enough to say it is a good match for the board.

The board requires you to be very active in chop. You really have to pay attention to the chop and how to ride the board through. I'm still getting better at this each time I go out.

With all this said, I have found I am as fast as or faster than larger sailors in my club. Up until I switched to my current quiver of sails and have improved my ability to sail the iS105 in rough conditions I was never as fast as the others (heavier sailors).

So, don't ever expect to go to auto-pilot with the 101. While my 34cm fin doesn't whistle, my 40cm does. I think the 34cm is a good match if you are fully powered up on your 6.2.

Good luck... hopefully this was helpful.
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