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Sounds reasonably logical. I had suspected the drag problems but i was somewhat offset by the principle of lift that a fin gives to a board. I struggled with the idea wether it would overplane and thus not plane at all or wether you just loose all stability and go to finsurfing rather than boardsurfing once you get in plane. Problem solved i suppose :d
And thanks for the trick Peter, but i never had problems with chosing my fins. It's just, i wondered because i already own a select Ride 40 for one of my boards, but i've resently bought a mistral flow 284 (113 L) for which i suspect it to be too big as the recommended finrange is up to about 37, 38 max really, seeing as the standard fin is 31 cm. My 40 would be too long, i just didn't know the effect it might have on the board. Never really intended on testing it though :d
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