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Default RE: iSONIC 101 TOO BIG FOR 6.2M AND 73KG??


I don't think a RSS 6.2 sail is ill-matched to iSonic 101. If you can read french, check what Christine is currently using with her 166 cm x 62 kg light weight frame :

Executive summary :

6.3/6.8/7.3/7.8 North Warp 2007 sails
Goldwing 34 & 36, TomCat 40 cm Tectonic fins
mast-track set between 131 and 133 cm from tail
all the straps back with a 40 cm interspacing

Best sail size are 6.8 & 7.3 for her sor far. With 6.3 sail size, she whished she'd 20 kg more weight or been on a smaller board with an increasingly challenging chop that was building with stronger wind.

Cheers !

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