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Default RE: iSONIC 101 TOO BIG FOR 6.2M AND 73KG??

Just my opinion. Never sailed the 101, nor any other 45 cm. or so - tailed slalom board in 20+ knots.
6.2 may be well within the 101 range, but I don't think a 101 with a 6.2 in heavy chop as an optimal choice. To make it possible to ride it is one thing, to be competitive on it (racing a slalom heat by 95 kg. AA) another one, to have fun on it yet another one and to have fun on it at 73 kg. a totally, wholly, completely, different story.
If I was 73 kg., willing to purchase a Starboard slalom board to use up to 6.7 sail and having a liking for loose fast boards, my choice would be an 87.
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