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Default Epi Pen and Electronic Keys

Alright, so I just recently (wednesday) got my G2, which in Ontario, Canada, allows me to drive without my parents. So I will be driving myself to windsurf instead of my parents driving me.

Two Problems...

1. I am allergic to various things and need an epipen (for those who don't know its an auto injector with pretty much liquid adrenaline). This epipen cannot get wet, and I would prefer if it stayed on me somehow. There is my first delema.

2. I use one of the newer cars with the bright idea of putting the key fob thing on the actual key. This electronic device that lets you open doors from afar is really not that usefull in the water and cannot get wet.

So there is my problem, I do happen to have a kite Dakine Tabu Harness ( I know, but it meant not sailing for a month of i got a windsurfing harness) and it does have that fancy handle on the back so I was thinking something could be used with that.

Any suggestions are welcome. and thank you in advance for any replies.

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