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Default RE: New Stretchy Wesuits

Hi Wsguy[rob,sinbad et all]So did you get a shock?
A report in his own words:

Monday, I sailed Kalmus in the afternoon. There wasn't much wind, but
I wanted to test some new equipment including a wetsuit. Once again,
I was the only windsurfer on the water and had it to myself, something
which you can find most enjoyable in this sport. I certainly didn't
encounter the rather ridiculous posters who inhabit that beach during
the warm weather. Everything went well, although I realized I should
have stuck to starting out with one new component component at a time
as my first beach starts ended up rather abortive as the new harness
lines needed adjustments while the new board was rather tricky. I
knew I was running a risk of either muscle pulls or cramps, this being
my second day of the season windsurfing and my age creeping up on me.
I rigged a smaller sail than usually and as a consequence never was
able to use the foot straps. However, it definitely helped in the
battle against Father Time as the muscles never did end up
disasterously. I have not sailed Kalmus much and didn't realize that
it was so shallow at low tide. It's actually ideal for windsurfing at
low tide as the 50 cm freerace fin did touch the bottom at times, but
never to the point of danger. From the various weather services I
learned that water temps ran about 47 or 48 degree F. and I was never
cold with my gear, although I did waterstart often. By the end of
the session I got the hang of the new Naish Icon and was gybing.
However, I was rather exhausted and quit after a long session. Air
temps were in the low 60's F, too. Dry sailing, this was more
comfortable than my first session with the full gear on when the
temps were in the low 70's.
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