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I think that GeorgeUSA39 has brought up a great idea that's really quite attainable and reasonable given current website technologies. Just to get an idea of the posibilities, you ought to check out the Airstream website. A class of trick world class production trailers that lead the US market in unique designs that have always represented a top of the line product in the market. These guys were some of the original leaders in travel trailers from the early 1930s, and I doubt that others can offer such a well designed product for this type of market.

While I'm not associated in any way with the Airstream folks, I think that many would agree that their 3D interior presentations really present their products well. Using a similar 360 degree presentation, with a focus on the shape and design facets of Starboard products would really highlight the companies' offerings in a special way. Of course, the concept must be tailored to an exterior rather that an interior view, but the possibilities are easy to see.

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