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Default RE: the 30 knot day...

30 kts is quite a bit of wind.
30 kts is a hell of a lot of wind for a go 139 & 5.0 (PERIOD)!

I was out today in winds gusting to 35 and more kts on a K86 and 4.2 at 86 Kg. That was well proportionened (not formula racing).
At least I saw it that way, others weren't having as much fun due to some of the following:
- too short lines
- too much volume/sailor weight

You can surf a wide board in 30 kts but it will end up in mast forward, boom down, always trying to go upwind with your tail between your hind legs, whining home.

- when wind is up so much that you get kind of scared to get going you should get into your back footstrap first (yes before planing)(you will even get into your front straps before planing)(plus tip below).
- make sure your harness lines are long enough (not like 22 or less but really more like 24, 26 or even better 28). Why? Becuase that way you can hang down more on your rig applying enough downforce to prevent your board from trying a tail walk. You otherwise stand upright aplying no downforce whatsoever and enjoy being a passenger instead of pilot.
- hard work keeping board down == tail walk! Only remedy against that besides changing fin & or board: mast forward, apply massive amounts of downforce through your harness. If you can't: opening your sail will only make things worse!
- oh yeah, wide board == masive lift from wind flowing under the board. Keep that windward rail down or it won't be a theroectical possiblitiy: it will lift you including your board straight out of the water. WACK and then SPLASH and then you can check and see if all parts are still intact.
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