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Default RE: the 30 knot day...

lol that wasn't the picture that was supposed to be ther... lol, that was me about to get catipulted I think. Usually i try to get my arms more bent, but the wind was awfully gusty. I think i need a smaller board too. That might help. The actual picture i wanted to post was uh... il find a way to post it soon. As for the downhaul thing, my sail that i used there was my learning sail, the beat up sail. It is rigged on an aluminum :-O mast.

try that, that is the picture i wanted to be critiqued on. lol i think its a bit better, i have more body wieght away from the rig. I was using around 24-26 inch lines. Hard to tell with adjustable.

Thanks for your advice and help everyone,

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