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Default replacement fin for K96

Hi Roger
I just got a used K96 and took it for its first ride. It was great. quite a bit different and less stable than my carve 131 and the smallest board I have ridden to date. I think this will be good for getting me into higher winds, the carve was nice but proving a real battle since I was using it right at the upper limit of its wind range.

Unfortunately the Kombat doesn't have its freeride flow 31 cm fin anymore, just the 25 cm wave fin. I am 77 kg and just getting used to the straps and waterstarting. The kombat 96 will be used in (choppy) freeride mode at least for the first year or so, with 5.0 and 5.7m until I get better and can try in the waves.

With this in mind what size/shape fin do you suggest I get to replace the missing freeride flow 30cm. - the same size? I see the K97 now comes with one crossover 28cm fin instead.
thanks very much.
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