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Default RE: the 30 knot day...

Really bad habit to get into. Do it the correct way from the start and you wont end up having to modify your technique later on. Try that on a wave board and you will end up in real trouble.
- we are talking overpowered to way overpowered (survival) arent't we, not everyday surfing??
- don't know what the pros do, but other very experienced surfers do it that way too
- doesn't work with wave boards, you mean you can't get it to work in survival conditions??

Center of gravity man (keep it LOW)

Everyone has a different style, hook height etc. If the rider is quite short and has short arms then 22 might be the right choice.
Center of gravity man (keep it LOW), we are still talking overpowered.

In General
One more thing: What I see quite frequently at the beach are people with their harness lines WIDE apart (like 2-3 hands). Thats what I call "cheating". Cheating because they don't even bother to find the "sweet spot". That ends up in 1 more problem when things get rough. When things get rough there is only 1 most important thing: CONTROL!

windsurferdagg / picture
looks like
- boom too low
- hard to tell but if are you commiting 100% to your lines (I think not)
- having your arms bent is something for downforcing when entering/executing a gybe. When planing downforce should be issued by your harness only
- harnes lines how far apart?
- was that in something like 12-16kts? For sure not 30+ kts.
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