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Default RE: the 30 knot day...

oh that wasn't the 30 knot winds there. That was at the beginning where the waves or chop was blocked by the pier that went out. It was cool, you could touch bottom, the wind was there but no massive chop. The wind reader we have at one of the sailing clubs registered a peek at 32 knots every 14 or so minutes when it posted its report on the site. I doubt it was 30 knots most of the time, but gusts were over 30 knots later in the day. At the beginning or where i was sailing there, it was more 24-27 knots.

Boom was too low, it was a learning sail and i need a new one cause that is as high as it goes...

I don't really get the commiting 100% to the harness thing. My arms were not pulling or holding me up if but that might be a different thing.

my harness lines are around 3 inchs apart...

and last question as i said before, from the angle where my dad took the photos, it doesn't look as windy. i can't get planning on a 5.0 in 16 knots... thats more 6.6 territory
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