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Default Wave board for me


Would like your reccomendation for me:
first of all type of board (Acid or Evo) and then ideal size.

I sail mostly side or side off shore conditions. Usually waves between 1 meter and 3 meter height (looking from the front). Most of them good waves...I mean, long waves were at least you can do 4-5 bottom turns.
Wind conditions in the days i sail usually go from 14knots to 25 knots and I weight 70 kilos and my height is 1.75cm.

My skills are good, I can handle good jumps as forward and back loops and riding can do good aerials, some 360s, and some goither attempts.

Actually I use an Evo 83 and have used before Evo 83 Active and Acid 80 and 88 wood too.
My favorite sails are Radiator 5.0 and Blade 5.7. I am used to sail powered with the sail as my friends use a bit smaller sails 4.7-5.5 than me.

Now I am in a doubt...I am using too big board for me? is Evo the right board or maybe Acid.

Let me say that I already have an Evo 92 wood so in a very light wind day I can go and play with it.

Thanks a lot for your help
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