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Default RE: iSonic 115 tuning (for Ian)

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply and apologies accepted off course! Happy you're helping me (us) out. I now have some sessions with the iSonic115 and
RS6 8.4. I had one problem when sailing this combo. My front foot will
not stick in the footstrap. It is not a nice feeling.

I have tried the following:
- Lower the boom
- Masttrack 1cm to 2cm before the middle

This helped, but not sufficient, so tried to narrow the stance:
Rear footstraps in the middle and front footstraps in the back.

This helped, but when the wind is increasing the problem is coming back.

How can i solve this ? Wil a smaller fin help (i.e. 38 cm) or can i
solve this by changing my technique ?

Can you advise me ?

Thanks Jeroen
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