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Default RE: Kashy Formula Fins XXS

I've never tried a kashey but I'm told by top sailors they are "sweet".
I think it's great Dave has built a better mouse trap BUT I think it's a severe blow to the sport that to have the most competative fin you have to spend $700.00 usd yup that's right $700.00 USD (that's twice a new deb by the way) And you get to wait a year to receive delivery.
I'm not a competative racer and don't care to be as formula is most definitely an "ARMS RACE"
Not bitter I just think it's another step in the wrong direction.
Let's see
L-7 2000.00
North 11.0 1200.00
Mast 700.00
Boom 700.00
fin 700.00
AHHH 5300.00 and thats just the beginning
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