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Default RE: the 30 knot day...

Yup, thats what 30+ kts looks like . Looks more like WF 8, but no big difference. Pics are similar, flat - or - wavy (< 1.5 mtrs) from afar. Surfing is different but not THAT different. The further out you are flat (offshore winds mind u) becomes chop (50 mtrs from beach) becomes waves (200 mtrs from beach and so on). Usually only one end of your turn is flat, the other will be quite "choppy".

As to the back foot in footstraps, you usually do that after a -not perfect but standing- gybe (of course you could dump the sail in that case and water start, but in OP&#39;d condiditions I&#39;d prefer staying ON the board).

One reason for back foot first is that you slide your board with the wind NOT GAINING any speed (some people call it spin out, I call it sliding) which in survial conditions adds to the "feeling good groove", then, when in control and in the straps you open the throttle as far as you dare (again, survial mode getting you in one piece home or though one helluva gust). Okay, there is one downfall, if you screw up you&#39;ll do a nose plant in your sail leewards of the board, but you&#39;re learning right?B) and, what other option did u have?

The bent arms are not good, and indicate to me that you aren&#39;t committing to your harness, but when you get in strong gusty winds, we all do it to one degree or another.
Downforce Downforce Downforce Downforce Downforce Downforce Downforce

low center of gravity, hang it out with your harness <=> longer lines.

I would almost bet that one of the most common -everyone but the pros does it mistake- is lack of donwforce when schlogging (gybing, in general). Just try applying tons of downforce when schlogging and notice what a difference it makes.

When it comes to gybing (especially in o2bnme&#39;s conditions) DONWFORCE is THE WAY to go. Nothing like bouncing over a few waves till coming to an almost halt and then gybing down the face of a wave...

Don&#39;t want to hog this thread too much but:
in 30+ kts with chop (e.g. <=1mtr) carving a "vroom" gybe is something you have to work on and will sooner or later involve learning the DOWNFORCE lesson, so, why wait?

(I did assume you were already capable of riding in the back straps, 30 kts would otherwise be a very short lived experience...)
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