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Default RE: the 30 knot day...

Roger, i was out tonight with my old 6.6 and got my first throguh 25ith waterstart. I had someone show me and I just got them right away. Waterstarting is actually really easy once you get your first one. My problem was i could never get the rig flying. But that was explained and now, BAM waterstarting and BAM back foot almost in. I can get my toes in, but usually when that happens, i miss the strap completly (cause i keep telling myself, let them see me miss not me) or get catipulted cause im not doing it fast enough i think. But today was awsome. I was overpowered again (since i don't have anything between a 6.6 and a 5.0...) but it was a great learing experience.

I was explained and people watched me put my foot in the back strap. I should put my foot right beside the strap and kind of twist in instead of lifting my foot quilckly like I do every time. I have the not looking part, I think I understand what you mean by commiting to the harness (i now try and see if I can take a hand off or not and that tells me) and its working better now that i really lean into it with out any arms.

Next time im going for some jibes. Now that I can waterstart, I don't really worry about falling so it seems the whole sport is more open to me now...

Tks everyone for their help and comments

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