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Default RE: Kashy Formula Fins XXS

I think Expander raises a really important point here. While I am as guilty as any (I own Deboichet and Kashy fins) I agree that the lack of availability and the way some of these fins are being built and distributed make them almost impossible for all but the very best connected (or richest) to get.

Considering the FW class where all boards and sails should meet certain rules to make sure they are "production" (i.e. anyone can buy what the pro's use) maybe that ought to be the case with fins a well. There is no doubt that fins have a pretty large impact/influence on the performance of the entire gear package. On the contrary this would of course make it very hard for guys like Dave Kashy to develop and sell fins and thus it may hinder development of better gear, at least in regards to fins. But there is imo no doubt that the current fin situation is not really consistent with what I believe was a main point in FW sailing: that anyone could get what the pro's have. I do not really want one-design racing either, as I believe a wider choice of gear makes it easier for people of different build sail well, but that sure does mean they have to have access to that wider range of gear.
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