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Default RE: New Stretchy Wesuits

Amazing how I have attracted a following on the internet. You would think I was someone like Kevin P. Whatever, I put in a few more days with the new suit. The air temps here have been rather low and unseasonable. Sunday was cloudy and we had a freeze watch out overnight all over New England. I didn't think that the suit was as effective with the low air temps. My old suits would have served me, perhaps not as well, but the differences are not huge. The big advantage would be the Z.E.N system which minimalized the amount of water running down my back after a fall in the water. The guy who sold it to me claimed that I wouldn't have been as comfortable in the 72 degree weather with the oldest suit as the new one has a way of breathing. I agree somewhat. It is easier to get on and off, but some of that has to do with the sizing and fit. Due to the fact that I had to lay up for a while to recover from my ankle injury, I gained some weight. Futhermore, when it comes to the rather stupid and nasty posting on Seabreeze that I have not read, let me give you my opinion of Australians in general. We in the states have a way of glamourizing them in the sense that they are "rugged", "outback adventurers". This appeals to many american's rather naive and simplistic attitudes towards the frontiers of civilization. Actually, most Australians are rather Provincial, Ignorant and Crude. Rather than being great outdoorsmen, I have realized that they are nothing more than a pack of dumb bumkins. Certainly, there are exceptions. The level of education there and amongst most windsurfers can't be seen as any more than ridiculous. Australians seem to know more about sheep dip than they do about onion dip. Anyone who picks up on the posting of this mentally ill stalker and buys it hook-line-and-sinker has my true pity. Ignorance is bliss, though, and @ssholes are like mushrooms, they just keep poping up. Finally, I just heard on the Paris Radio that 80 per cent of Australians exports go to the U.S. Windsurfers are like many of our inventions and technologies, they are taken up by our economic colonies and the dirty work of producing them for consumption falls to our vassals.
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