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Default RE: New Stretchy Wesuits

The internet has become a very narrowing technology. Originally intended as a broadening experience, the world wide web has been taken over by very small groups of people who have very narrow interests and want to keep of it that way. What a few rather ignorant, stupid and nasty posters think of me is not of interest. People who attack others personally and ignore ideas are not the types of writers I read. In fact, like you, kingo, they are the types of writers I have been taught to ignore. Getting sucked into a mud-slinging match gains nothing. I couldn't care less where you windsurf, either. One other thing, (I'll not include the insult, but it starts with dip, contains the dipthong sh and ends with it), If I'm ever going to read a pack of attacking messages messages, I'm certainly not going to read them when I'm prevented from responding in kind. I find it rather dispicable that these people are allowed to give it, but they aren't going to give you a chance to give it back to them in kind. Obviously, they can't take criticism and will continue in their rather asnine attitude. The same goes for the people who run the Boards.UK forums. In their case, they will always support their magazine subscribers who usually are the rather jingoistic English from the low classes. Go over there and try and criticism them for attacking Germans and Americans in their rather shallow way.
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