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Default RE: 2008 isonic's


I am not advocating standing still! Only, I am saying not to pretend to show you are moving even in the case you actually are almost standing still... you risk to move aimlessly (PA80; but I guess it is not alone at all).
I do appreciate Starboard's reduced graphics changes year to year, indicating continuity in each board line; nevertheless, if Starboard was giving us a "full white" option, or something like the Fanatic "pro edition", I'd be even happier.
Most important of all: of course the Starboard staff knows better than anyone else how to successfully manage business in our sport! I just say that I guess I am not alone and probably not everybody is much happy with models changing at a yearly rate. You can go on with yearly "progress", be it really necessary to keep up or maybe a fake to induce more sales; at the same time, on the other side, customers receive damage from programmed obsolescence and this may have a cost. Just mind such cost doesn't get higher than the benefits you can gather. You always know exactly how many boards you sell; but you will never know how many you don't.
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