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I am not advocating standing still! Only, I am saying not to pretend to show you are moving even in the case you actually are almost standing still... you risk to move aimlessly (PA80; but I guess it is not alone at all).
I do appreciate Starboard's reduced graphics changes year to year, indicating continuity in each board line; nevertheless, if Starboard was giving us a "full white" option, or something like the Fanatic "pro edition", I'd be even happier.
Most important of all: of course the Starboard staff knows better than anyone else how to successfully manage business in our sport! I just say that I guess I am not alone and probably not everybody is much happy with models changing at a yearly rate. You can go on with yearly "progress", be it really necessary to keep up or maybe a fake to induce more sales; at the same time, on the other side, customers receive damage from programmed obsolescence and this may have a cost. Just mind such cost doesn't get higher than the benefits you can gather. You always know exactly how many boards you sell; but you will never know how many you don't.
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I don't think the PA80 is an example of moving aimlessly. There was a clear wish from team sailors and testers for slightly turnier board and I think not many people would prefer the 06 over the 07 in waves. But the Pure Acids are also good boards from high wind blasting freeriding and in this setting some may prefer the 06. But no doubt, the PA series is first and foremost wave boards. And the 07 versions also double as freeriders in GREAT way and I even think you would have to be a very "dedicated blaster" to appreciete the difference between the 06 and 07 in this setting.
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I know that you all at Starboard have very good reasons to support the brand's decisions. if not else, it was you that made and took the decisions! But from my point of view, things are a bit different.
I am absolutely certain that the '07 PA are better wave boards than '06, even if I never tried one. Was the balance between changes for better (dedicated wave) and for worse (less "universal" use) worth the damage done by making some (few, many...) users of previous models a bit (little, much...) upset? Of course Starboard is the most successful brand in the industry and knows the answer better than me; but I do know my answer better than Starboard!

When I bought my new two boards in '06 season, Starboard was an obvious, safe, sure bet after years of not taking care of boards evolution: my last buys were from '99, plus the HS in '03 and this last experience taught me that new designs might bring nasty surprises. Big brand, serious boards tested by dedicated riders; I choose a rather classic, race proven slalom design, and a re-volutionary, but already tested and acclaimed, wave design: no way to go wrong. Next year probably I will buy something new again, and this time I will know much better what I want. So I will be able to choose taking into account other items, such as weight, obsolescence, design quality (again, to me changing models yearly is an indicator of models needing yearly amendements; while unchanged models indicate clever successful design; there is absolutely nothing new this year that was unknown one year ago), graphics... maybe it will be Starboard again.

After all it is a matter of phylosophy and I have mine. Please take into account that me is just one very weird customer. Most want hot new graphics and something new to talk about. Sure.
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