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Default Harness line position - larger sails


I've been using Guy Cribbs method of measuring the approximate harness line position with a piece of elastics, check http://www.guycribb.com/windsurfing_technique_holiday_DVD_0121v01.htm. The theory is that the rear line's correct position is 1/3 down (+/- 1-2 cm) the boom measured from the front. This method is really easy and has worked excellent for my 4,5 - 7,0 sails.

However, just bought some larger kit and were out today with a 8,5 cammed freerace sail. All of a sudden the 1/3 method does not seem to apply anymore. Did'nt quite get the rig to balance, felt a lot of pull in my front hand. What way should I move my lines? Had no time to experiment before it was time to pack up and go home.


/ Andy from Sweden
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