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Default Freeriding the GO 170 with formula sail


My biggest sail now is a 7.5 freeride. I want to try to get out in even lighter wind with the GO 170. I blast from 12-18 knots with this 7.5, but it's often 10 knots of winds here. The idea is to get a larger sail.

It's lot of cheap formula sails around here, while the larger freeride sails are harder to find second hand. Would the GO 170 work with a 9.5-10.0 formula sail? I am concerned the smaller formula sails, 9.5-10.0, are much hassle and have little low end power compared to the 9.0-10.0 freerides?

Or do I have to look more at the battens and specs to figure this out? Will a KA formula 9.5 with 3 cams work better than north warp 10.0 with 5 cams for example?

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