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Default RE: Hatteras and Fins


Yes, I was there sailing on my Huckers, a 6.6 and 5.6, both in red and blue, and on my Mistral Screamer 114 and a rented Mistral Synchro 102. I too was way overpowered on my 5.6 Hucker on Thursday afternoon and Friday, but when I went down to my 4.7 wave sail, I missed that Hucker power!

Those were 2 awesome days of sailing.

What Hucker were you on? The red and yellow 2006 6.6? I think I spoke with a young guy who might have been your son (Brendon?), who was on that Hucker and the 2007 Carve 144.


P.S. I sailed several hours per day on the lower wind days of Saturday through Wednesday, on my Formula with a 9.5 and a 44 cm weed fin, and a rented Serenity, which totally rocked! The Serenity will be my next board purchase...
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Default RE: Hatteras and fins


Wow! Many thanks! I was wondering how to get a balanced removal of material, looks like a Home Depot trip is in order as there are no files in my toolbox!
MA-Pete, yes that was my son Brendon (who got the lion's share of the time on the water but it's all good). We had the 6.6 Hucker (red/yellow) which got to be too much sail for the higher wind days at the end of the trip...but it has great pull!!! We are contemplating the October ABK Hatteras clinic altho its in Waves not Avon. Andy Brandt's camps have been great!
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Default RE: Hatteras and Fins

For those Hatteras guys, I may be moving to the Wilmington area in the future.

What's the windsurfing situation there?

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