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Default F-type and smaller sails? FT and a beginner who starts to plane.

Hi all,

It was a 20+knots today. Since everybody was on 5.5-6m sails I decided that whatever board I have it's time to stop fighting with my max. down/out-hauled 7.5m (the smallest sail I have) and I rented 6.3. It made everything much easier and I was still able to get on plane easily. My FT 148 is the only board I have (I am 90kg).

So should I go and get a non-expensive, used 6.0 sail for days like today or it doesn't make sense with this board? What kind of sail (freeride or maybe freerace, and how about cams - I like cams in my 10.0) - I don't really care about top speed in high winds - it's scary enough anyway ;-), but I want easy turns and stability in strong gusts.



Today for the first time I experienced the problem of getting OFF plane ;-). And I don't know if this is b/c I'm a beginner, but the speed of FT is amazing. Also, the chop just disappeares. I'm scared to the point that I'm simply afraid to hook in not even mentioning foot-straps (I hook in ok when not planning).

The problem is that when planing I always go way down with the wind (when I start planing the board just starts flying downwind faster and faster and I can't do anything about it). I try to push with my back foot sideways over the fin like advised here but it doesn't do it. I guess I would have to stand on the very edge of the board to get enough pressure to the side?
Help highly appreciated, as my every planning session ends way downwind and I have to fight my way back upwind, non-planing, which is very unpleasant in stronger winds.
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